The Queen of Sissification

Gleeful Humiliatrix - Manipulative Mommy - Evil Seductress

Hello pet, My name is Princessa Natasha Strange. I am a professional dominatrix formerly based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I now travel to Boston Maine, Portland Oregon as well as the San Francisco Bay Area for sessions. I offer Sadistic Escapism with Wit and Style. I have been playing professionally for over 20 years, and in my personal life for much longer. I offer creative sessions in a wide variety of disciplines, but am well known for my love of sissification and crossdressing, diaper discipline and adult babies, orgasm control, tease and denial, chastity and erotic humiliation. I am currently expanding my distance training options to grow my personal pink posse of sissified maids and bitch boys even larger. Soon I will have limp wristed devotees in every country with internet access!

Sissies, crossdressers and submissives will find themselves eager to please me, as I use my wit, my skill and my amble curves to seduce and mold you into an object worthy of my attentions. And you do want to be worthy of my attentions, don't you, even if it means subjecting yourself to horrors and humiliation untold. I will be your Mistress, your Trainer, your Mommy, your Obsession, your Downfall.

You will learn to love chastity. You will beg to be denied, even when teased to the brink of insanity. You will learn to walk in heels, and expertly apply lipstick before I put you on the street to earn your keep. And giving up the ultimate control, you will settle comfortably into your diaper to giving up control of even your most basic bodily functions.

I am a founding member of The Girl Gang, a one of a kind society of female dominants who reward good slaves with the experience of a life time, serving four highly skilled and diabolical dominatrix simultaneously.

Entering this site, should it be legal in your area, and should you be of age, will lead you down a twisted and demented rabbit hole from which there is no escape. Shall we begin?

Yes Mistress!

Oh Hell No!