Are you CURious about power exchange?

My name is Princessa Natasha Strange. I’m a professional dominatrix offering power exchange sessions, BDSM education and coaching, as well as immersive Kinky Experiences in Portland Oregon.

Step into my world, where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur.

With almost three decades of experience as a professional dominatrix, I possess deep insight into the motivations behind people’s attraction to BDSM and power dynamics. I understand the emotional goals you have in our play even when you think you are simply in need of a spanking. I am a sadist at heart, and love to hurt you physically as well as mentally. I adore taboo role-play and anything involving sissification. I am queer and enjoy playing with people of all gender identities.

I work with couples to inspire conversation about their desires and bring them closer together. I’m always honored when a couple brings me into their relationship. I also love to work with femmes who are looking to step into their dominance and explore their kinky desires. My book “Kink for the Curious” is a fun, puzzle-filled color book full of easy-to-understand information about kink, BDSM, and power exchange.

Dive deep into your kinky fantasies and live them for a day or two. We will start by negotiating a contract for your time in Portland and end with you having a very special vacation. Kinky parties. Play in Sub Rosa and Mother’s Den. Glory holes. Strip Clubs, Hiking a dormant volcano wearing a butt plug, or trek out to see waterfalls in a diaper. Live for a couple days as my kinky submissive slut? Or spend 48 hours learning to dominate your partner. The sky’s the limit.

My Domain: Sub Rosa and Mother’s Den

Sub Rosa is the heart of Portland’s femdom community. It was built from the ground up by myself and Mistress Viola to be a beautiful escape from the outside world. We host weekly kink education classes and it’s available to the community to rent for personal play. Mother’s Den is private, just for myself and Mistress Viola and caters more to domestic play. Want to take a peak?

Sub Rosa PDX

Sub Rosa

From the moment you walk into Sub Rosa you know you are in a special place. Whether for a class, coaching, or a power exchange session, high quality bondage equipment and kinky possibilities call to you from every direction. Curious about seeing me for traditional BDSM? This is where we will meet. Sub Rosa is also available for rent to the community for private exploration.

Mother's Den PDX

Mother’s Den

Find yourself summoned to Mother’s Den, seated at my feet, admiring me as I perch on my throne. Transformed into a slutty little sissy, you’re bent over the spanking bench, ass in the air, awaiting your punishment, or locked in the doll box, on display, waiting for me to take you out and play with you. This is where I indulge in most of my domestic play games and coaching.

Meet A few of Princessa’s Personas

While I have many personas, most arrangements falls into one of the following three.

Saucy Sadist

Saucy Sadist

At heart, I am a sadist. I enjoy using tools, my hands, or simply my devious imagination. I thrive on inflicting intense sensations on your mind, body, and soul. Add a playful roleplay, and I’m in my most cherished headspace. For me, it’s about eliciting a response or a physical reaction from you. Sensing you melt and grow warm under my touch takes me into a euphoric dominant state. Even in my most sadistic moments, you will find me imaginative and quick to laugh – at your expense or alongside you.

Manipulative Milf

Do you fantasize about an older, more experienced woman molding you to her desire? Perhaps turning you into her sissy slut? Her diapered cuck? Her chastity pet or stroke boi? I have always leaned into the seductive, unobtainable role, and as I get older, I love to use not only my mind and body against you, but also my years of experience. Like a small child thinking you can pull over something on their mother, you are not as clever as you think you are. I will always see through your excuses.

Manipulative Milf

Approachable Educator

I enjoy creating open and inclusive spaces to teach people about BDSM, kink, and power dynamics. My aim is to support and encourage students to look beyond societal expectations and shame to explore their interests and improve their communication skills. I offer group classes and private coaching both online as well as in person at Sub Rosa.

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