The Infamous Kitten With A Whip

Princessa Natasha Strange

~ Putting the 'ow' in Meow ~

Portland Dominatrix and BDSM Educator

Welcome perveratti! I offer professional domination to sincere submissives and bottoms, as well as BDSM coaching and instruction to femmes and couples. I co-own Sub Rosa, a luxe private fetish space not far from downtown Portland, Oregon. With over 20 years of experience, no matter what your interests may be, I have the knowledge (and the toys!) to indulge them. My favorites? I’m glad you asked. Bondage, electrical play, mindfucks, and emasculation.

Wickedly pretty and devilishly smart, I’ve been quoted in both Playboy and Business Insider.

Leather-clad Portland Based Dominatrix

Willful Slaves Conquered
Macho Men Sissified
Novices Educated
Aspiring FemDoms Mentored
Angry Hearts Tamed
Lost Souls Found

Power Exchange and Fetish Play

I believe that all people come to kink and BDSM searching for an emotion or feeling. Some come for the endorphin high from receiving a long flogging or spanking, or the escapism of bondage. Others seek the thrill of being treated like a cock sucking whore.

I adore traditional BDSM, such as bondage, OTK spanking, and impact play, but also thrive on bringing more taboo games into the dungeon as well. Diaper humiliation, age play, zentai, strange fetishes, and weird roleplays all thrill me. But it doesn’t matter what game it is we are playing – I will use my quick wit to manipulate you to my will.

I have a reputation for a love of sissification and emasculation. I have submissives come to Portland from around the country to spend a full day dressed and serving me. In 2019 I published sissy sandra‚Äôs blog so you can read the true and delightfully twisted story of our 10+ year D/s relationship.

Above all, clear and open communication turns me on – so come, confess your most deviant fantasies to me and let me use them against you.

Bring your fantasies, but be prepared to submit to my will; mind, body, soul, and hole.

BDSM Education

Whether I’m teaching, playing or coaching, I start with the goal feelings in mind. When working with couples, I find that knowing those goal feelings can help two (or more) people understand what their partners are looking for and helps kink play feel less overwhelming. I also stress that there is no right way to do things – only what is right for you and the people you are playing with. BDSM is about breaking rules and creating your own etiquette. I can teach you how to play safely, about consent and negotiation, and I can give you ideas and inspiration. But in the end, you will be creating something fun and exciting that is completely original and designed just for you. Are you ready to start reimagining your sex life?

Kitten With A Whip!

BDSM is about breaking rules and creating our own etiquette. It’s about play.

FemDom Mentorship

I love helping aspiring FemDoms build their businesses. This is not an easy job, nor is it a way to make quick money. Mentorship with me is an investment in your career. My expertise comes from my passion for crafting cathartic, genuine sessions with clients. I cannot teach you the best way to shoot clips or how to run your OnlyFans page, but I can teach you how to build a safe, solid business instructing submissives and building real life connections with them.