Welcome pet! I've been waiting for you.

Portland Oregon Based Dominatrix Specializing in the Emasculation of the Wayward Male.

Sadistic Vixen, Sensual Temptress, Role-Play Specialist, CBT and Electrical Play Enthusiast, Bondage Fanatic, Erotic Hypnotist, Queen of the sissies. Welcome to your newest obsession!

I have been a professional dominatrix and BDSM educator since 1995. I own my own fully equipped boutique fetish space not far from downtown Portland, which includes both tradition dungeon space, as well as a soft space for those who prefer domestic play.

I enjoy domestic play of all types, emasculation, crossdressing, forced feminization, erotic humiliation, diaper dominance and all types of tease and denial including long term chastity and orgasm control. My interest in ABDL and diaper domination comes from my love of sissification and emasculation, while I love all my adult babies, my sissy babies hold a special place in my heart.

The pinker, the frillier, the better.

I also sincerely enjoy the more traditional side of BDSM.  While I  am well known for my love of cross dressing, emasculation and humiliation, I enjoy playing with all types of players and especially enjoy behavior modification through Bondage, Spanking, Hypnosis, Electrical Torment, Cock and Ball Torment.

Kink and BDSM for me is escapist. I like to disappear into taboo fetishes and fantasies, the stranger, the weirder, the more taboo, the better. These games require clear, shame free communication. Talking openly about secrets you’ve held closely for years can be difficult, but I strive to create a safe space for you to open up, even if slowly and tentatively — at first!

Gleeful Humiliatrix!

I know you like to think you are a real man. But I know you are just a silly little sissy.

I offer very purrsuasive correction for wayward sissies through panty training, crossdressing, hypnosis, erotic affirmation and sissy conditioning. I love to dress men in frilly pink frocks being taught to service a phallus with their eager hands, their greedy mouths and their hungry holes. Taking sissy out on the town, or perhaps just shopping are high on my list of favorite activities.

Sadistic Vixen!

You wouldn’t even know what to do with that clitty stick. It’s better off locked up.

Long Term Chastity, Tease, Denial, Milking, Forced Brinking, Ruined Orgasms. Key Holding. These are a few of my favorite things. How long will you go without for me? Will you cry when I finally let you cum? But then ruin it? Or make you eat it? The sound of your desperate begging for permission to cum, and whimpering when I turn you down is one of the most erotic sounds I can think of. It’s simply delightful.

Manipulative Mommy!

Diaper sniffing little slut, aren’t you.

My interest in adult babies stems from my interest in emasculation, cuckolding and humiliation, and of course – sissification! I am the mommy that likes to put my baby in compromising and humiliating positions. Lovingly of course! One of my favorite role-play is diapering the cuckolded husband while talking in great detail about the hot date I’m going on that night while you are home in your diaper sucking your cock shaped pacifier.

The first step to spending time with me is filling out an application.

I play with novices as well as experienced players, and people of all gender and sexual identifications. I’m more interested in a sincere connection with an open honest submissive, then a particular activity or scene. I enjoy curious explorers.

I’m available for devilish doubles with my kinky bestie, the illustrious Viola Parker. I am currently mentoring Lady Lilah Wilde and she is also available to join our fun on occasion. 

No sex. Only mind games.