The Infamous Kitten With A Whip

Princessa Natasha Strange

~ Putting the 'ow' in Meow ~

Portland Dominatrix and BDSM Educator

I offer professional domination to sincere submissives and bottoms, as well as BDSM coaching and instruction to femmes and couples. I co-own Sub Rosa, a luxe private fetish space not far from downtown Portland, Oregon. With over 20 years of experience, no matter what your interests may be, I have the knowledge (and the toys!) to indulge them. My favorites? I’m glad you asked. Bondage, electrical play, mindfucks, and emasculation.

Wickedly pretty and devilishly smart, I’ve been quoted in Playboy, Hustler, and Business Insider.

Fully Vaccinated and Boosted. I am only seeing those who are as well.

Bow Down and Worship Me

Willful Slaves Conquered
Macho Men Sissified
Novices Educated
Aspiring FemDoms Mentored
Angry Hearts Tamed
Lost Souls Found

Power Exchange and Fetish Play

I believe that all people come to kink and BDSM searching for an emotion or feeling. Some come for the endorphin high from receiving a long flogging or spanking, or the escapism of bondage. Others seek the thrill of being treated like a cock sucking whore.

I adore traditional BDSM, such as bondage, OTK spanking, and impact play, but also thrive on bringing more taboo games into the dungeon as well. Diaper humiliation, age play, zentai, strange fetishes, and weird roleplays all thrill me. But it doesn’t matter what game it is we are playing – I will use my quick wit to manipulate you to my will.

I have a reputation for a love of sissification and emasculation. I have submissives come to Portland from around the country to spend a full day dressed and serving me. In 2019 I published sissy sandra’s blog so you can read the true and delightfully twisted story of our 10+ year D/s relationship.

Above all, clear and open communication turns me on – so come, confess your most deviant fantasies to me and let me use them against you.

Bring your fantasies, but be prepared to submit to My will; mind, body, soul, and hole.

Sub Rosa: Portland Oregon’s Favorite Fetish Space

My dungeon, Sub Rosa, is a beautifully equipped space not far from downtown Portland. It is equipped with a bondage wall, a custom bishop’s chair, a medical exam table with restraints, an imposing queen size bondage bed, a sturdy spanking horse, a vintage leather sling with multiple restraint points, and my wicked imagination. Curious? Take a quick 3D tour.

Kitten With A Whip!

BDSM is about breaking rules and creating our own etiquette. It’s about play.

I am a sensual sadist. I adore watching you squirm, to feel your skin warm under my hand – whether from a spanking, flogging, whipping, or simply humiliation. But even more than the act of actually hitting you, I adore making you wait for it. Anticipation fills me with glee equal to the fear I see in your eyes and hear in your voice. The more you panic, the more you quiver, the greater my desire to let go, to lay into you….. but not so great as my desire to let that fear continue to build for my own pleasure and amusement.

I will break you open and rebuild you as I see fit. I will own you. Mold you. Add you to my little collection of perfectly perverted play things and devotees. I am not easy to please. I am not easy to impress. But you are going to work hard for me to do both….. won’t you?

Your taboo fantasies are my playground.

BDSM and Kink Isn’t Always About Pain.

I may be a sadist, but I also understand that pain is not an effective motivator for everyone. I will adjust my tools and my methods to find that special combination which will control and mold you to my will. After a few hours of mental suffering, you might just wish I would inflict physical punishment on you instead. While I have many implements of destruction at my disposal, the most effective are my curvaceous body, my soft seductive voice…. and my wicked imagination.

Pain, or no pain – I will get what I want.

I love to see how much you will endure for the honor of pleasing me. I love taking you further than you anticipated in whatever game it is we decide to play. Would you like to play some simple tease and denial games? By the end of them, you will understand true suffering – and not one bit of pain required. Just the heavy weight of unspent desire to remind you of me.

No matter if there is pain, or simply a painful amount of pleasure, I like to engage as many senses as possible when I play. I like to overwhelm you. My roleplays move fast and tend to be hyper realistic; no detail overlooked. When I pull you over my lap, I want you to feel remorseful, meek, revived, and eager to take more. Exploring gender? I want you to know what it feels like emotionally as well as physically to be the object of my desire. Bound? Every breath should remind you that you are immobile and at my mercy.

I love bondage because no matter what other games we are playing, what other roles we are taking on, bondage always makes it better. Bondage is the butter of the dungeon.

True Power Exchange Starts With Trust

I offer power exchange sessions to people of all gender expressions and identities. I strive to create a safe space, both physically and emotionally, for those who are new to BDSM to open up about fantasies. Once you begin to relax into my capable care, I will find and push your limits – exploring those dark places you’ve kept hidden and watching you tremble in fear as they come to life. 

Trembling turns me on. And you do want to turn me on, don’t you?

For me, kink is a heady mix of trust, escapism, consent, and empathy. I’m a maternal sadist who will push you to your limits so you can see how far you can go. And I do so love to watch you push yourself just to please me.

You do want to please me, don’t you?

While there are many activities I enjoy – bondage, cross dressing, impact play, and of course, role-play – but what I really love about a scene is the person I’m playing with. I treasure open communication about your desires and limits and a sense of humor above all else. 

Suffer for Me

~ Bondage and Restraint
~ Tease and Denial
~ Hypnosis
~ Chastity and Orgasm Control
~ Over The Knee Spanking
~ Electrical Play
~ Impact Play
~ Total Power Exchange
~ Humiliation
~ Public Outing
~ Blackmail Games
~ Diaper Humiliation
~ Mind Games and Manipulation

Just a short list of my favorites… perhaps there are other ways you would like to suffer for me?

BDSM Is All About Connection

While I love to play with experienced players, I also find a certain joy in guiding novices through their early explorations. If you find yourself considering a visit with me and feeling unsure, I invite you to get to know me via a phone session on Niteflirt, or by scheduling a meet and greet. A meet and greet is a coffee or tea date that lasts about 30-45 minutes where we discuss our common goals. Think of it as our own private munch. No expectations. No play. No fetish wear. No power exchange. Just connecting on a personal level.

Connection is very important to me. I started playing in BDSM during a time when it was very difficult to find people and places to play. When we did find each other, the connections we built ran deep. Those are the connections that I strive to cultivate in my practice. They allow trust to be built gradually over time, and for your soft limits to be pushed and explored.

I believe that BDSM can change your life. Not just because exploring your kinks can help you embrace them and overcome the shame you feel when you try to hide from them. BDSM is life changing because while you may not push yourself to accomplish your goals for yourself, you WILL follow through on them to please me. 

This is why I created the Betterment Through BDSM curriculum.

FemDom Cattle Prod

Carrot… or Cattle Prod?

I can’t wait to find out what motivates you.

I look forward to turning you into something more enjoyable for all womankind.

FemDom PDX