Cocksucker: A Graphic Novela

Hungry Hole 4 Rent
Hungry Hole 4 Rent

I keep sitting down to work on my new site – then getting called away to work on cock suckers like this. This is from a double I did with my partner in crime – Ms Viola Parker. Also – let’s take a minute to appreciate that middle shot. Yes – a bondage chair that suspends even grown ass men spread eagle, off the floor. 

Want more pictures of that amazing play space? MY amazing dungeon? Go check it out – SubRosaPDX



His secretaries always put up with his shit. Always. They put up with the leering and the inappropriate comments. They put up with his thinly veiled, rampant pornography use. The covered for his “appointments” with beautiful escorts who visited his office during business hours. They always put up with this because they were paid well, and the work load, other then covering for his sexual deviances, was light.

But Miss Strange was different. She was tall, busty with flaming red hair and pale skin, just as many of his previous secretaries had been, including the one she was replacing. But when he made the comment about her melons, she looked him in the eye and asked “Is that appropriate workplace behavior? It’s not even a witty line.”

Her direct reply took the fun out of it. He liked to watch them turn and blush. He retired to his office to answer email and phone calls. It wasn’t long before he was distracted by a naughty email from one of his favorite escorts. A visit from her would be a welcome distraction, so immediately replied that yes, he would love to see her that afternoon.

Miss Strange announced her arrival and offered the two of them coffee. He smiled and made a smart ass remark about Lola having everything he needed as he smacked his friend on the ass and closed the door in Miss Strange’s face. The sound of muffled giggles followed – as well as the muffled sound of something entirely not work related.

Miss Strange returned to her desk to work. She looked on silently when he walked Lola passed her to the elevator an hour later. Every day that week, another escort would show up, followed by giggles and muffled moaning. By the end of the week, Miss Strange didn’t even look up from her desk when he walked them out. She just smiled knowingly.

He thought that perhaps now Miss Strange understood how things worked around here. He thought that perhaps now Miss Strange would realize that her real job, was to stand between him and his good time, and upper management.

He was wrong.

He returned to his office, leaving the door cracked and returned to business. A short while later Miss Strange entered his office and shut the door behind her. “I supposed you expect me to perform those duties as well?” she said as she looked him dead in the eye while starting to unbutton her matronly top. Her ample cleavage spilled out and she adjusted it for maximum effect.

He paused. He was always careful to steer clear of the secretaries, preferring to bully them and make them blush, but perhaps, just this once?

She walked to his desk, leaned over it, so close he could smell her sensual vanilla perfume. “I see the way you look at me. I’ve also seen your call records. And you know I have access to your email. I see how many women you are juggling. You’re a naughty boy aren’t you.”

He could feel his cock start to swell. “Yes. I am a naughty boy. I’d love to show you how naughty. I could make you feel pleasure you’ve never felt before. I could take my cock and …”

“Why don’t you show me that cock? Can you get it nice and hard? Tell me how you would please me with it.”  she said as she walked around the desk and perched on the edge in front of him so that her skirt, already dangerously short, rode up even further.

She giggled as he fumbled to get his pants down as quickly as possible, He looked ridiculously hopeful. Did he have any idea of what he was getting into? Obviously not.

He started to go on, in great detail and while stroking furiously, about how he would fill her wet pussy with his giant cock. He stood up, letting his pants fall to his ankles and reached for her. She laughed and stepped back. He tried to take a step towards her but was hampered by the pants around his ankles.

“You know you look ridiculous, right?” She said as she stepped back even further.

“What?” He said still stroking his cock.

“I said. You know you look ridiculous. Right? Also. You know that I have a nanny cam in here.” she points to a small device on a shelf across from his desk.  “I put it in here after my first day. It’s been recording everything that happens on your desk and couch. You have made quit a few interesting videos. Stuff I’m sure my friend in human resources will love.”

The blood drained from both heads.

“You bitch! Get the fuck out of my office! You’re fired! You are so fucking fired. Fuck you and  your friend in human resources!”

“Are you sure you want to do that?”

He pulls his pants up angrily, ripping the camera from the shelf pulling the wire out of the wall.

“I’m not letting this shit out there. I’m going to destroy this camera.” he says and he throws it to the ground and starts stomping on it.

“Oh, you poor little man. Do you really think that camera had the video on it? Silly boy. Everything that has been recorded has been uploaded to my hard drive at home. My hard drive is backup up to the cloud nightly. It’s technology fun?”

He stands in stunned silence. The gravity of the situation taking hold. “I’m… I… I would never really fire you. You can keep your job. I’m sorry. I’ll clean up my act. I’ll stop seeing escorts here. Just… don’t show anyone that video.”

She smiles. She steps towards him. “Now I think we can come to an agreement. Sit down.” He starts walking back to his desk. “No! Not at your desk. On the floor. At my feet.”

He stands and stares at her.

“If you are going to have a problem following that simple command, there is no way you can follow more more… detailed… requests. I’ve no interest in dealing with someone who can’t follow basic direction.”

“I’m sorry! No. Sitting. See!” He says as he drops to a seated position at her feet. “What kind of more detailed requests?”

“First. I’m going to need you to wear this chastity device.” she says as she hands him a pale pink Holy Trainer. He takes it and examine it. “You will need to text me pictures whenever I request, night or day, to prove that it is still on and intact. I will also examine it weekly so signs of tampering. In the future, your assignments will get more… complicated, but let’s get you accustomed to this first.”

“I wear this… on my cock? It’s not going to fit!”

“Your cock is not nearly as big as you think it is.”

“But what if I have a date? Or want to, you know… pleasure myself.”

“You won’t have any dates. And I’m in control of when, and if you are allowed to pleasure yourself.”

“How will I sleep in it? Pee with it?”

“You will get used to it. And you will get used to sitting when you pee. It will be good for you. I’m going to leave you in the office to put it on. The last thing I want to do is touch that shriveled cock. I’ll be back in five minutes. I expect you to be kneeling right there and naked except for that cock cage.”

“But I don’t know how to put it on!” He shouts after her as she walks to the office door.

“You will figure it out.” she says over her shoulder as she shuts the door.

To be continued….

Sissy Maids, Bitch Boys and Brinkers

Brinking Bitchboys
Brinking Bitchboys

There is a new reality. A reality in which men are hunted. Not for their flesh or for their tech skills, but for their orgasms. Women have learned that they can intensify their own orgasms if they steal pleasure from a man, letting him get to the very edge of orgasm, then preventing it and stealing the the pleasure for themselves, leaving the men frustrated, drained and submissive. Men hide in fear of being captured and kept for their special resource. They are called Brinkers. The top Brinkers are cherished. They will have a private room of their own in the Brinkers quarters. A handsome well trained Brinker is often put on display or loaned out.

Once captured, a Brinkers intensive tease and denial training begins. They are fitted with a chastity device complete with an electronic lock. The only way to unlock it is to sit in the Brinkers chair. The Brinkers Chair resembles a birthing chair with restraints on each side for their for wrists and thighs, exposing their swollen cocks.

Once locked into place, the chastity cage is replaced with custom fitted tube that slides over the erect cock. It’s warm, soft and wet like a hungry mouth. A vibration starts inside the tube, running from the tip to the base, and back again. It varies for each Brinker, getting to know the rhythm and pressure that will bring them nearly to the edge the quickest.  There are special sensors that can tell when the Brinker is getting close, and shuts down, applying firm, sometimes painful pressure to the head of the cock in order to stop the orgasm at precisely the right time to bring the most pleasure to the women who own him, their friends, and lovers. This process will be repeated multiple times until the women have had their fill.

At parties, women will display their most cherished Brinkers, or lock them in their Brinkers Chair in the center of the party to let their friends feel the blissfully addictive sensations of a Brinkers ruined orgasm washing over them.

To properly train a Brinker, first they must be broken. This starts with a long period of denial. They are locked away in a trainers device that causes any physical sexual arousal to be, if not impossible, then painful. The soft moans of women having sex is piped in spastically at night. During the day, screens in each room show a variety of different pornographic images and videos. While most prospective Brinkers break within a week, some make it as much as a month or more before they are begging for release.

Once they reach that point, the next level of their training begins.

Sissy maid training. The pink frilly maids uniform, unlike the coveted black and white maids uniform, is a sign that the Brinker has yet to prove his worth. They are the ones that must set up for, and clean up after the orgies, as well as be on hand to distribute lube and sex toys to the women who need them. Sissy maids have no physical contact with the women who own them and are not allowed to speak unless directed. Every Brinker stays at sissy maid status a minimum of six months. This stage helps them learn to properly take care of their Mistress and understand the inner workings of her home. If a Brinker excels as a Sissy maid, they are promoted to full maid status. This includes the formal black and white uniform and more intimate obligations, including bathing and dressing the mistress, as well as cleaning and maintenance of her personal collection of vibrators and sex toys. Maids are not used as Brinkers, but rewarded with an orgasm every month.

After completing sissy maid training, Brinkers are promoted to Bitch Boy. Bitch Boys are used as bottoms anytime one is needed, be it by another Brinker who is putting on a show for his Mistress, or by the Mistress herself should she so desire. Bitch Boys are signified by the gem encrusted plug that they are to wear any time they are out among the general population. Bitch boys are often used as human tables to hold safer sex supplies, hors-d’oeuvre or cocktails during parties.

When a Bitch Boy is exceptionally good at his job, exhibiting exceptionally hungry fuck holes, he is left at Bitch Boy status and given a new plug attached to a jeweled cock cage to wear to signify his special talents. He will still be used as a Brinker, but not nearly as often.

A prospective Brinker who fights it, who never makes it to Sissy Maid Status is sometimes the most fun of all. Women know that all they need to do is continue to deny them, and that eventually they will give in.  It’s not unheard of for a Prospective Brinker to be teased daily and not given any release at all for months on end.  By the time the prospective Brinker is begging to be put to work in his destined vocation, he must start earning his status as a Brinker and prove that their dedication.This means spending twice as much time as a Sissy Maid to fully emasculate him as well as a public spanking.

Most Prospective Brinkers realize, that once captured, that the life of a Brinker is not as horrible as they had feared. They are treated as prized pets and as long as they behave, and make their Mistress happy, life is different, but very good.

This story, read by Yours Truly is now available as an audio file through NiteFlirts.

Also featured in the above photos is Miss Evangeline Grey and Miss Penny Barber. Both look forward to joining me in stealing your pleasure.

Pay Pansy Sissy Cuck

I spent this past weekend training my pay pansy and thought I would share some photos she sent me during her training. I think she’s coming along quite well! I’m sure she would love to read your comments.

Tormented Sissy

Silly Little Sissy

You’ve made sure to shave, scrub and moisturize every square inch of skin. You gave yourself an enema a few hours before and have been careful to eat lightly since. You have spent hours picking out which pair of panties to wear to our meeting, and which to change into. You have prepped your new sissy outfit, making sure it’s folded nicely and packed away for transit. You have your new plug wrapped lovingly in tissue. It’s a size up from the one you usually wear, and are hoping to surprise and impress Mistress with your new ability. You also have a spa gift certificate for her, wrapped with a bright red ribbon tucked in the side of the bag. Even though you have been seeing her for twice a month, you still get nervous as you prep for our time together.

You ring the bell at your appointment time and are let in by Her assistant. You hadn’t known there was going to be a third person. You have no idea what to expect. After you remove your shoes, Her stunning assistant walks you to the cage and locks you away, instructing you to take off your male costume and push it through the bars of the cage to her. Standing naked, except the panties chose to wear for the trip over, you cast your eyes down as you feel her assistant giving you the once over. You hope she approves, and even though humiliated, your dick throbs against your panties.

“You should get that clitty stick under control before she sees it. Not very ladylike you know.”

You try to will it away and shove it between your legs, to get that perfectly flat feminine panty line, but the more you push it, the worse it gets.

“She’s going to be here in two minutes. You are going to be punished if you still have that problem.”

But it’s too late, you hear the click, click, click of her heels approach. The terror of Mistress seeing your erection, and the site of her busty assistant laughing at you makes it makes it throb and a tiny bit of pre-cum oozes out and wets your panties just as Mistress walks up to the cage.

“Looks like a slutty little sissy has wet her panties. You know that means I’m going to have to torment that useless thing. How are you supposed to be the perfect little sissy if that bulge is ruining the effect.”

“Please Mistress, you plead, I will try harder, it’s just that you haven’t let me cum in almost a month!”

I don’t care if I haven’t let you cum in a year, I don’t want to be greeted by that pathetic thing staring at me.”

You are told to slide it through the bars of the cage, and she gives it 5 good slaps with the riding crop. While the crop stings, the softness of her hand holding it in place negates the effect of the crop and your erection continues until she gives you 10 more.

Smiling, she looks down at your limp former manhood. Much better. She slides a chastity device over your soft cock and locks it in place and drops the key down her cleavage.

She instructs you to put on your sissy outfit for her and she will return for you. She wants to demonstrate your cock sucking skills to her assistant. Just the thought makes your cock once again attempt an erection, straining at the device. You slide into your new outfit, but the silky sensation of the garter belt adds to your chastity discomfort.

As you slide your pink stocking clad feet into your heels, and kneel in front of the cage door, you know more punishment awaits, because the moment she slides those crinolines up, she will see, that the punishment and the chastity did nothing to stop your erection. It’s only made it more uncomfortable.


Captured. Kept. Trained.

You are standing on the sidewalk in front of the airport in Portland, Oregon. Head bowed. Wrists crossed in front of you. Next to you is a suitcase full of women’s clothing. The only male costume you have with you is the one you are wearing over your panties, chastity and garter belt.

You wait.

After what seems an eternity, a car pulls up and I step out. I open the trunk and instruct you to put your suitcase inside then get in the back seat. Once in the back seat you are to open your pants enough to show me your panties and chastity, bow your head once more, extend both hands outstretched, palms up, offering me your chastity key.

If I don’t approve, you and your luggage are deposited back on the sidewalk to find your way  home. If I approve, I take the key and we head off for an adventure like no other.

The key is quickly attached to a silver chain around my neck before I put the car in gear and pull away. Fifteen minutes later we pull up in front of what will be your home for the next 48 hours. I instruct you to grab your bag and follow me up the front steps. Inside is a simple, but elegant apartment. There are nipple clamps on the counter waiting for you on top of a list of house rules.

  • sissy slave shall only wear panties, garter belt and stockings in the Mistresses Apartment.
  • When leaving the apartment, sissy slave shall only wear approved garments.
  • Lip gloss shall be worn at all times.
  • sissy slave shall be ready and waiting for Mistress at the appointed times.
  • sissy slave shall be on the alert for Mistress’s arrival at any time night or day and be prepared to greet her with a cup of tea, or a glass of wine depending on the hour.
  • sissy slave shall complete all assignments promptly and have them ready for Mistress’s inspection when she arrives.
  • Requests for photos shall be returned with proper evidence of compliance within 10 minutes of receipt.
  • Contact with the outside world via electronics and social media should be kept to a minimum. I understand work and family obligations, but this is meant to be a escape away from the outside world which will only work if you don’t bring it with you in the form of digital clutter.

Beside that, there is a schedule.

  • Breakfast with Mistress
  • Workout under Mistress’s direction. Workout are always tailored to the sissy slaves personal exercise regime and limits and can include yoga, hiking or biking.
  • Personal growth training, in which sissy slave is given an assignment to help further her usefulness to her Mistress.
  • Leisure time for sissy slave to enjoy the Portland area and complete any shopping errands.
  • Dinner with Mistress
  • Possible outing: strip club, glory hole, sex toy shopping, sex club, play party
  • Physically submit to Mistress

This will be your life for the next 48 hours. I will have a key to your apartment to let myself in any time to check on you. Even if we go hiking, the jeans you wear will be women’s jeans. The jacket a woman’s jacket. You will live, for the entire time you are with me, even when I’m not by your side, as my sissy slut. We will see each other for several hours in the morning, and several hours in the evening. You will have time in the afternoon, once your sissy homework is finished, to see some sites.

My goal is to send you on your way at the end of our time together a better, more properly trained sissy whore.

Contact me if you are interested in joining me for a sissy retreat. The prerequisites are a minimum of three months training with me via skype/phone or in real life. Each retreat is tailored to capitalize on the individual sissy slaves strengths and interests as well as bolster their many weaknesses.

The cost for a retreat starts at $3000 plus expenses.

My Remodel and a Chastity School Update

You do want to make me happy, don't you.
You do want to make me happy, don’t you.

Hello My Pets!

I know I had teased about an upcoming project I was working on called Chastity School. It is amazing. It gives me a way to monitor and train all of my little sissy bitches. But. It’s a hobby. A dalliance. And with the current payment systems available, I just don’t see how I can make it work. I have no interest in going through the BS to work with adult payment systems, and I’m certainly not doing that kind of work for free, so I’m scrapping it. I will dismantle it and find fun ways to use it here. Or perhaps, some day soon Visa or PayPal will find an interest in my ‘dirty money’ and I’ll be able to revisit.

Because trust me. There is nothing I want more then to have a way to track and monitor  your every movement from the comfort of my home. I want a fitbit for your masturbation workouts that shocks you when you get to close to coming. Or a fleet of DreamLovers chastity cages. Nothing makes me hotter then thinking of ways to control you in your home, from mine.

And speaking of my house, on of the reasons I’ve been MIA is because in addition to relocating, I’ve bought a large house, a mansion really, that I’m remodeling. If you would like to serve me properly, you will look over my Amazon wish list and find something in your price range that I can use in my remodel and think of you every time I use it. The idea that I can look around my home and be surrounded by useful tokens from my devotees makes me very, very happy. I especially want to point out the toilet seat, the shower and the hungry hungry hole of a garbage disposal. If you have ever wanted to serve me in an intimate role, this is your opportunity.

One of you has already purchased the towel warmer. Just think. Every time I’m getting out of the shower, dripping wet and naked, he will be there on his knees offering me a warm towel. *love*

I will be updating my list as my renovation continues, so do check back often! I’ve tried to include items in all price ranges so no one feel left out.