And another thing!

While I’m enjoying my moment of peace and chattiness, what is it with people who think BDSM is NOT acceptable, but bickering with, and verbally abusing your spouse 24/7 in public to the embaressment and amusement of others, is.

When Those Close to You “need to talk”

Oh My. I’m proud of my kink and my career. I wish more people would talk openly about being naughty.


When one meets someone for the first time, someone (no matter how lovely and enchanting), conservative perhaps even of the republican variety, one tends to emphisize the less naughty of the day time activities by saying Web Developer rather then Dominatrix when asked ones career.

But Then.

When gathered for celebrations like weddings, funerals, picnics, vacations, what have you, with lots of eating and drinking, mixing friends with family, sometimes one is outted unintentionally. Then comes the moment we all dread when one is cornered and told “we need to talk” in that somber way that usually means one is going to need to explain ones choice in not only after school activities, but career choices. It’s a fun time that usually requires a drink afterwards.

However this time it started… “So, I have fantasies of being whipped….”

That was quick.

Early this morning someone stepped on my ipod and smashed the hell out of it. The buzz from my single tailing yesterday is now officially gone.


I feel so much better now

My family is in town and they have been irritating the hell out of me.

This afternoon I had an appointment with a new client and singletailed and caned the hell out of him. His ass was bleeding, bruises and welts a-rising. Afterwards he gave me a tip for drawing so much blood so I went shopping.

I now have the sexiest new shoes and I feel so much better.

A Business Trip

Yesterday I sent sandra off on a business trip with a paper sack full of panties, dildos (dildi?) a disposible camera, a short stack of business cards, and a notepad to write down all her adventures. Should prove to be much more interesting writting then this!

She is also wearing my pink cb2k, not that she needs to as her “clit” no longer gets hard. I guess it does prevent her from rubbing it to orgasm, but I think if she really tried, she still could. When I first started seeing her, she would come in and we would spend the entire first part of the session trying ice, pain, small talk, ANYTHING to get her erection to go away so I could cage her.

Then I started playing with hypnosis which worked amazingly well. She is very open to suggestion when under and after two visits no longer gets hard. Even when she cums her clit only swells, no where near hard enough to penatrate anything.

I’ve also suggested that her nipples become more of a sexual focal point. Now they can be embaressingly sensitive which provides never ending entertainment in resturants.

Yesterday I started suggesting that when she is in a bar having a cocktail, something she does daily, that with every cocktail she inbibes, her curiousity about the men’s cocks around her will increase. She has insisted to me that she is not gay, yet when I had Kevin come over and fuck her, she responded very well. I want to make her crave cock. I don’t want her to be gay, I would hate to no longer be able to use her atraction to me against her. But I would like to turn her bi. Or perhaps just pervy – not that she isn’t already! Pervier?

I just like that I can change what turns her on – or at least intensify desires she already had hidden away. If I can change her ability to get erect, I wonder what else I can change.

Hello World!

I have tinkered with the idea of blogging for a while now, but the crazy two-toned life I live has left me wondering if that would be a good idea. What if my family, friends, clients etc read something that they shouldn’t? Does anyone really want to read about my adventures? (Actually, I’ve already had several people assure me that they do.) Will I be able to keep up a blog properly? It is sorta like adopting a pet, and most of the pets I’ve had recently, albit cyber pets, have died long drawn out deaths when “The Whim of the Week” kicks into a new week. Here’s to hoping I can manage the care and feeding of my new blog.

I will love it and hug it and feed it and pet it and…