I've no interest in calling you a worthless worm. You aren't worthless. If trained properly to serve and entertain, you can be quite valuable.

Gleeful Humiliatrix

I adore erotic humiliation.

While I find reddening your ass quite fun, I prefer for you to squirm red-faced from embarrassment. Or perhaps both?

  • Seducing you into a diaper or panties, then telling you how silly it makes you look. How if you were a real man, you could take me in your arms, but you’re not. You are a pantied, diapered little sissy.
  • Holding your enema, feeling the waves of cramps wash over your body as I stand over you and watch you call Mr S and leave a small credit for me. It’s not the amount so much as watching you try to read off your credit card number to the person on the other end of the line while I giggle and your body convulses.
  • Using you as furniture, wearing a sign to tell anyone passing by to use you for their pleasure. Arranging for lots of people to pass by.
  • Taking you to a strip club. Having you buy me lap dances, and explaining to the stripper that you are too much of a pansy to deserve a lap dance.
  • Using hypnosis to turn you into a lisping, diaper dependent sissy.
  • Going out to dinner wearing the remote control vibrator or electrical device. Trying with all your might to keep a straight face while I smile sweetly from across the table.
  • Laughing as your cock throbs and the baby powder slides down it. Watching the way you shiver as the diaper gets taped down tightly around your full bladder and raging erection.
  • Watching you lay back and open your mouth waiting for my golden nectar. Watching you swallow obediently as I tell you to flush. Good little toilet slave.
  • Cuckold fantasies. All of them. Every single one.

I could go on, but it appears that you already have a problem in your pants.