Taking You To the Brink, Then Leaving You There. Repeatedly.

Teasing, Denial, Brinking and Chastity

As much as you know you should resist, you just can’t.

You are totally in control of the situation. You really are. You know what you are going into. You could turn back at any time. You could just walk away. You could. But you won’t. You are certain, that this time, you can keep your wits about you. But then it happens. The scents. The sensations. The evil giggle. The Seduction. The Curves. You end up losing. Every. Single. Time.

What situation you ask? Does it really matter? What you want is me and what I want is to watch you beg and whimper. I know that even though common sense tells you that you will never get me, theres always the slight chance that this time I’ll give in. I’ll let you see more, do more, feel more. And maybe I will. If you beg. If you prostrate yourself. If you bring me gifts. If you humiliate yourself for me. Maybe I will let you have me this time. Or maybe I’ll just laugh at your desperation and dance just out of reach. Just like I always do.

I love to watch you succumb to my feminine wiles.

To stack the game even more in my favor, as if I need the help, I like to put my tease toys on a stroke schedule for a week, two, maybe three before we play. Brinking repeatedly, perhaps doing a phone session or two, ensures you will present yourself at my feet in a state of unequaled frustration. This is the point at which I like to begin my games.

At this point you’ve already lost the game, but just how far will you fall before you hit bottom? What humiliating acts will you perform? What will you promise? What will you do to earn that release at my feet?

If you are lucky, I will lock you in a chastity device and keep the key, guaranteeing that you will return to me, to play once again, in an even more crazy state of frustration. If you are unlucky? I’ll let you cum. I’ll smile sweetly while I wait until you are at the point of no return. Then I will squash all pleasurable sensations leaving your cock to throb and drip its precious cargo while delivering you absolutely no pleasure at all ruining your orgasm and giggling the whole time.