Fall 2013 Update

Greetings Pets and sissy holes!

It’s been a long crazy summer of adventure and travel. Apologies to all those who have had a hard time getting in to perform their proper worship time.

I will be back mid September, and taking appointments Monday through Friday, 10am to 4pm in both my usual San Francisco location, as well a well known and very well equipped Oakland space. This fall I will also be looking to bring a few more loyal submissives into my fold. I’m not looking for play things who are experienced, but those who are sincere in their desire to serve and able to communicate their needs openly.

I am not an inexpensive habit, but I am an addictive one. If you are interested in moving forward, your destiny awaits.

As usual, I’m looking for silly frilly sissies, gender benders, cane and pain sluts, service whores of all flavors, chastity slaves and anyone who views humiliation as the most fabulous past time ever.