What shall I do with you.

So many toys! So little time to use them all! My favorite games generally revolved around gender identity, sissification, orgasm control, cross dressing or role-reversal. Should you not be into sissification or orgasm control we can still discuss your submission, but you will have to prove very entertaining! Once I have you put in your place and properly dressed, there are no end to the games I can play with you:

  • Clitty torture. Were you a real man, we would call it Cock and Ball torture. But you aren’t a real man are you.
  • Bondage of all sorts; hog-tied, strung up, bound helplessly to my exam table, mounted in the bishop’s chair, mummified, laced to the padded bondage wall.
  • Electrical play (I have a multiple erostek boxes with a wide variety of attachments)
  • Hypnosis, mind control, and behavior modification.
  • Humiliation, physical, emotional and financial. I always find these activities hilariously entertaining.
  • Tease and denial, orgasm control, chastity and keyholding. Nearly all my sessions involve orgasm games, although not nessesarily orgsasms.
  • Spanking, caning, single-tailing, and flogging and all manner of impact play.
  • Role-play; Mean MILF, Naughty Neighbor, Teacher/student.
  • Fetish play; leather, sweaters, legs and feet, shoes, stockings, this list is endless
  • and last but CERTAINLY not least, Goddess Worship. You will always worship me as the goddess I am!

Trust and communication are very important part of BDSM. A good way to communicate with your Domina is by writing down your thoughts, wishes, fears and fantasies. Many times when you find yourself at her feet, even the most intelligent , well spoken gentleman (or lady) may find themselves completely unable to communicate the fantasy that has been bouncing around their head for ages. Writing is also a very good way to flesh out fantasies. While I refuse to do a heavily scripted scene, I do love to read your stories.

The activities I DO NOT offer are

  • brown/roman showers
  • nudity, or sex
  • anything involving animals or minors

All activities I offer are safe, sane and consensual. Safe words will always be used. I love to see women, couples of any sexual orientation.