ABDL Play At It's Most Deliciously Twisted

Despite being a sadistic bitch, I’m very maternal. In my vanilla life I’m the one that gathers friends and family, that feeds the crowd, and receives late night phone calls looking for consolation and guidance.

As your Mommy, I take that several steps further. I know you need to be nurtured, just as much as you need to punished. I know that there are times when humiliation is the only way I can shame you into behaving. I know that sometimes I need to lovingly restrain you for your own good.  I know that as much as you hate it, you need to be diapered – all night, every night at the very least. Preferably 24/7.

I adore dressing you up in frilly dresses and turning you into my pretty baby sissy. It’s a shame that diaper gets wet so quickly.

Age Play – my favorite is the toddler. I love the fat crinkly diapers, the messy feeding and the need to restrain you for your naps. I love finding ways to take this type of play into public with trips to Babys-R-Us, you with a diaper (or two!) under your street cloths, me with a bottle sticking out of my purse. So many subtleties that the vanilla eye misses, yet we revel in.

Diaper Dominance – the humiliation of diapering my cuckold husband, my sissified boss or the neighbor kid who can’t behave fills me with uncontainable glee. These roles also fulfill my need to watch you squirm and burn with humiliation.