My Panty Pet

Just Launched! Today I’m releasing the first of a series of longer, more invasive hypnosis and mind control videos to my fansite and clip store. I had such a blast creating this and several more are in the works. It brings some of my favorite activities together – hypnosis, panties, and emasculating men.

Plus it was fun to be creative and nerdy with my new ASMR mic and camera.

Stay tuned for more. These take a lot of time to film, record, and edit and as I do it myself in between teaching, sessions, and running Sub Rosa, I will release probably one or two a month. Next up are Goddess Worship (always), a nice long one for my pussy free sissy bois, and of course, a little something to keep you in diapers. Feel free to contact me if you have requests or would like to book a custom recording.