My Remodel and a Chastity School Update

You do want to make me happy, don't you.
You do want to make me happy, don’t you.

Hello My Pets!

I know I had teased about an upcoming project I was working on called Chastity School. It is amazing. It gives me a way to monitor and train all of my little sissy bitches. But. It’s a hobby. A dalliance. And with the current payment systems available, I just don’t see how I can make it work. I have no interest in going through the BS to work with adult payment systems, and I’m certainly not doing that kind of work for free, so I’m scrapping it. I will dismantle it and find fun ways to use it here. Or perhaps, some day soon Visa or PayPal will find an interest in my ‘dirty money’ and I’ll be able to revisit.

Because trust me. There is nothing I want more then to have a way to track and monitor  your every movement from the comfort of my home. I want a fitbit for your masturbation workouts that shocks you when you get to close to coming. Or a fleet of DreamLovers chastity cages. Nothing makes me hotter then thinking of ways to control you in your home, from mine.

And speaking of my house, on of the reasons I’ve been MIA is because in addition to relocating, I’ve bought a large house, a mansion really, that I’m remodeling. If you would like to serve me properly, you will look over my Amazon wish list and find something in your price range that I can use in my remodel and think of you every time I use it. The idea that I can look around my home and be surrounded by useful tokens from my devotees makes me very, very happy. I especially want to point out the toilet seat, the shower and the hungry hungry hole of a garbage disposal. If you have ever wanted to serve me in an intimate role, this is your opportunity.

One of you has already purchased the towel warmer. Just think. Every time I’m getting out of the shower, dripping wet and naked, he will be there on his knees offering me a warm towel. *love*

I will be updating my list as my renovation continues, so do check back often! I’ve tried to include items in all price ranges so no one feel left out.