A San Francisco Recap


Home from my latest trip to San Francisco and this lands in my inbox. Someone obviously wants me to return soon!

The trip went swimmingly. I did most of my play out of a very nice suite in a very nice hotel. It was lovely to be pampered like the Princess I am. It was also great fun to have a remote control bidet to torment sissies with. It was a fun way to see if they really were sitting to pee!

Since it was my first trip back since January, I mainly saw my most loving and devoted regulars. It was great to spend a trip with submissives who I know well and who’s devotion to me is unquestionable. Aside from the one very smart ass as seen above. His devotion is obviously questionable. As are his actions.

But I digress.

I caught up with sissy sandra and want to let those of you who have asked about her know that she is well. She’s not ready to play in the public eye again, perhaps never will be, but she is thriving. We spent some time reminiscing over lunch and agreed that we have forgotten more of our play then most people are lucky enough to experience in their entire life. That’s what ten years of intense play gives you though. A life time of memories, and twice as many forgotten.

I also did a shoot with Robert Adler who was the very first photographer I worked with. He shot the photos of me that graced the covers of The San Francisco Examiner and the now defunct Spectator magazine – twice! It was the first time I’ve been in front of the camera in a while and it was a bit awkward to tell the truth! There are some very sexy photos coming your way though. Especially if you like black leather and chicks with big dicks.

And I had a visit with a very loyal bootslave who I’ve been seeing for ten years and let him be the first to worship my new thigh high leather boots. It’s really amazing to look down and see someone worshiping your boots and think of all that has been shared between the two of us. Its a very different kind of intimacy, deeper, stranger, more fulfilling than your average vanilla intimacy.

deskMaisonFinally. Let’s discuss this goofball. He is a diaper sissy who wanted to experience my single tail. I went easy on him, as you can see, and this is the thanks I got. THAT will teach me to go easy on Smart Ass Submissives.  I will be back in San Francisco the first week of June, and I can promise you, we will have a picture of that ass with a little more … texture. Thankfully, he gifted me with a Scott Paul Secretary Click Kit so when I see him in June, perhaps for daily whippings, only to be sent home after each in chastity AND a diaper, I will have a way to keep his hands out of the way during said whippings. I don’t mind if he tries to run. I like the idea of chancing him around my suite with the single tail. I just don’t want to damage his dainty little hands. He will be needing them when he sits at the desk (on some sandpaper) in the corner at Maison on the last day of my visit writing “I will not tease the Mistress.” 1000 times.

Unfortunately, (fortunately?) I know this sub well, and I think this upcoming lesson will only keep him out of trouble until I’m out of earshot.

I hope for many more trips like this, cultivating deeper relationships with each of these submissives. Yes. Even the one pictured above. I’ve always been a very mental player. Much more a fetishist and storyteller, then a traditional sadist. These long term kinky relationships feed my soul and I’ve very lucky to have each and every one of them.