Hello sissies, cocksuckers and cuckolds!

Miss This?
Miss This?

I had a long lost client contact me last month and ask if I was still taking sessions. After looking at my blog and seeing that I haven’t updated for nearly a year, I can see the confusion. Yes. I am still here. I am currently taking sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I am however, very picky about who I see. I like being elusive and exclusive. I love knowing that if I do see a new client, that he (or she!) didn’t just scroll down a list on Eros-Guide or Max Fisch and choose me for this months dalliance. I know that they have a deep and burning interest in sissification, humiliation, tease and denial and orgasm control. That they have sought me out because I excel at those things. They have looked high and low and they know that only I will understand their burning need to submit their cock and balls to My control.

So yes. I’m still here. Life is good for the Mistress.

If you would like to say hello, feel free. WickedMinx@KittenWithAWhip.com