sissy cindi in pink

I asked for photo submissions and cindi was the first to get hers to me.

sissy cindi in pink
sissy cindi in pink

First thing that strikes me is the pose. Very simple and demure. Ass offered, as I’m sure she knows I would want it to be. Skirt short enough to see the hint of what she is offering but not short enough to let it all hang out. A pose that’s inviting and suggestive.

Hair, nicely combed. Lips bright, pink and inviting. They could use a little more gloss. I would also suggest she open her mouth a bit – make it a little more inviting.

Finally, the outfit. LOVE the pink outfit. Notice that it fits well. Not hanging off her, not too tight. And it’s CLEAN. I am always a little disturbed when a client shows up with there own cloths, and there are stains on them. I know sliding into your finest grrl wear brings about a certain glow, and some of you aren’t well trained enough to CONTAIN that growing glow, but please, clean up after yourself!

The one thing I would suggest would be to shave or wax those legs! I know that’s not possible for everyone, and that’s unfortunate.

Over all I would say sissy cindi is well on her way to making a very good little sissy!

Should I critique another?