As close to the holodeck as you will get.

Sub Rosa Fetish Space

After over 20 years of playing in other peoples dungeons, I have finally opened my own space minutes from downtown Portland Oregon with the amazing and glorious Viola Parker. I have always said The Holodeck would be my end-all be-all dungeon space, and this is as close as I could come.

Combining modern sensibilities, and vintage charm, my lair is a mix of leather, red velvet and with touches of aqua – my favorite color. It boasts a traditional hard space, medical exam area, a vintage sitting area, as well as a soft space for domestic play.

Christened Sub Rosa, which means, under the rose and denotes secrecy, my space is the deliciously twisted underbelly of Portland, aka, Rose City. Enjoy this visual sampling, then head over to learn more about the charms of Sub Rosa.