Adventure Awaits.


My tribute is $300 per hour and session times for new clients run between 1 and three hours – with 90 minutes being my preference.  Sessions longer than three hours are available to established pets only.

Meet and Greet
$100 for 30 minutes of chat over tea at the location of my choice.

Phone sessions
I take phone sessions occasionally through Niteflirt. I don’t have regular hours there so dropping me a note to respectfully request I log in to chat with you is suggested. I also have a few fun offerings through Niteflirt that will help you get your Princessa fix when you are unable to visit in person.

The following options are reserved for those who have an ongoing relationship with me..

Night Out
$1200 plus expenses. Perfect for prepping at the dungeon, before heading out to enjoy dinner, drinks, a visit to one of Portland’s fine strip clubs, and then retiring to the dungeon for some play. This can also be a fun afternoon escape.

Sissy Retreats
$3000 (and up) plus expenses. Get picked up at PDX International Airport and delivered to your hotel or Airbnb. I will inspect your luggage and make sure there are only Princessa Approved apparel. I will also have a copy of your hotel key allowing me to stop by to inspect you and your room at my leisure. You will be given assignments around Portland for our time apart. Generally a combination of tourist activities, hiking, yoga, shopping, as well as visits to lesser known PDX attractions, as well as sexy assignments such as visiting strip clubs, sex clubs, glory holes and the like – all of which are plentiful in Portland. These trips are custom designed around our common interests.