Captured. Kept. Trained.

You are standing on the sidewalk in front of the airport in Portland, Oregon. Head bowed. Wrists crossed in front of you. Next to you is a suitcase full of women’s clothing. The only male costume you have with you is the one you are wearing over your panties, chastity and garter belt.

You wait.

After what seems an eternity, a car pulls up and I step out. I open the trunk and instruct you to put your suitcase inside then get in the back seat. Once in the back seat you are to open your pants enough to show me your panties and chastity, bow your head once more, extend both hands outstretched, palms up, offering me your chastity key.

If I don’t approve, you and your luggage are deposited back on the sidewalk to find your way  home. If I approve, I take the key and we head off for an adventure like no other.

The key is quickly attached to a silver chain around my neck before I put the car in gear and pull away. Fifteen minutes later we pull up in front of what will be your home for the next 48 hours. I instruct you to grab your bag and follow me up the front steps. Inside is a simple, but elegant apartment. There are nipple clamps on the counter waiting for you on top of a list of house rules.

  • sissy slave shall only wear panties, garter belt and stockings in the Mistresses Apartment.
  • When leaving the apartment, sissy slave shall only wear approved garments.
  • Lip gloss shall be worn at all times.
  • sissy slave shall be ready and waiting for Mistress at the appointed times.
  • sissy slave shall be on the alert for Mistress’s arrival at any time night or day and be prepared to greet her with a cup of tea, or a glass of wine depending on the hour.
  • sissy slave shall complete all assignments promptly and have them ready for Mistress’s inspection when she arrives.
  • Requests for photos shall be returned with proper evidence of compliance within 10 minutes of receipt.
  • Contact with the outside world via electronics and social media should be kept to a minimum. I understand work and family obligations, but this is meant to be a escape away from the outside world which will only work if you don’t bring it with you in the form of digital clutter.

Beside that, there is a schedule.

  • Breakfast with Mistress
  • Workout under Mistress’s direction. Workout are always tailored to the sissy slaves personal exercise regime and limits and can include yoga, hiking or biking.
  • Personal growth training, in which sissy slave is given an assignment to help further her usefulness to her Mistress.
  • Leisure time for sissy slave to enjoy the Portland area and complete any shopping errands.
  • Dinner with Mistress
  • Possible outing: strip club, glory hole, sex toy shopping, sex club, play party
  • Physically submit to Mistress

This will be your life for the next 48 hours. I will have a key to your apartment to let myself in any time to check on you. Even if we go hiking, the jeans you wear will be women’s jeans. The jacket a woman’s jacket. You will live, for the entire time you are with me, even when I’m not by your side, as my sissy slut. We will see each other for several hours in the morning, and several hours in the evening. You will have time in the afternoon, once your sissy homework is finished, to see some sites.

My goal is to send you on your way at the end of our time together a better, more properly trained sissy whore.

Contact me if you are interested in joining me for a sissy retreat. The prerequisites are a minimum of three months training with me via skype/phone or in real life. Each retreat is tailored to capitalize on the individual sissy slaves strengths and interests as well as bolster their many weaknesses.

The cost for a retreat starts at $3000 plus expenses.