Brinkers FanFic!

In The Brinkers Chair
In The Brinkers Chair

I keep having these wild fantasies when listening to the Brinkers story. I can see myself bound to this type of furniture, wrists and legs firmly secured, the cage over my clitty replace by the moist tube, a plug inserted into my hungry hole and a large realistic cock waiting to be sucked sits before me. It’s moved forward to where it’s brushing up against my lips.  You encourage me telling me to show you how much of a girl I am and reinforce that this will please you.

I lick my lips and  slowly let the cock enter my mouth. I sense the tube around my cock to begin to slightly vibrate producing such a pleasant feeling. I swallow more of the cock, vibrations of the tube slightly stronger and I now notice the plug in my hole moving. I hear your voice, ‘such a good little sissy, you’re going to be such a good cocksucking whore’. Excited even more by your pleased remarks I begin to aggressively suck the cock, the vibrations getting stronger, I begin to moan. I’m right at that point so very close, I need this. The cock in my mouth begins to vibrate like its pleased with my job.

I moan louder, I’m right at the edge.

Then the cock spurts a warm liquid into my mouth and down my throat, it gushes so much that my mouth spills a bit of it as i pull my mouth off the cock.

The vibrations I was feeling were cut short and completely stopped. Then they were replaced by a painful series of shocks to my cock and hole. I screamed from the pain,  uselessly struggling in my bonds, so so frustrated of being denied. “Pease Mistress, please I need to cum”. You give out a bit of laughter. “My silly little sissy, you will need to suck many more cocks to earn your release”. Feeling defeated, I did my best to swallow the remaing cum and returned my gaze to the cock before me. I moved closer and  began to suck the cock once more. To my delight, the vibrations began again.

This time she would let me cum; if not I would continue to suck as many times as was necessary.

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