My Magic Elixir

My Magic Elixir
My Magic Elixir

Like Snow White with the Poisoned Apple, or Alice with her choice of potions, I offer you this. Do you drink it? Does it make you smaller? Or only shrink your already tiny dick. Does it put you to sleep, awaken only by your Prince Charming sliding his hard throbbing dick in your hungry mouth? Or does it make your body change, morph, sudden and striking. Irreversible. You are now a slut built for pleasure. You hips and tits growing, bursting out of your cloths. You insatiable need to be filled, like a hunger inside you, begging to sated.

1 part golden nectar
1 part goddess spit
1 part cum of a celestial being
4 tears from a chaste, frustrated sissy
Stirred. Not shaken.
Warmed in the bosom of High Priestess Princessa

Would you take a chance, risking eternity under my spell, and drink my magic elixir?